A Few of Our Favorite Things

Tonight, when Kevin and I were standing in Penny’s room in the soft glow of her ceramic white hedgehog night light admiring our handiwork, he kissed my belly and said, “I can’t wait to meet you.”

I feel the same way. I can’t wait to meet our daughter, to finally hold her in my arms and look into her eyes. But in a way I feel like I already know her. With each tiny movement and new milestone, I am making a list in my head of all the things I already know about her. I know, for instance, that

1. She loves sweets. Fruit is pretty good too, but cookies are even better. I am afraid to eat too many of them these days because the midwives are concerned about her getting too big, but I still manage to sneak a few in to appease her demanding appetite.

2. She is not such a big fan of vegetables, but tries to be a good sport because they are good for her.

3. She likes it when Toby the cat cuddles up next to me- the vibrations from his purring feel funny.

4. She is very shy. Especially when doctors want to get good ultrasound pictures of her or listen to her heart beat. She also likes to stop moving as soon as someone else, like her Nana, tries to feel her.

5. She loves exploring her environment, stretching out in all directions to see if she can make her mom laugh or jump. Perhaps she knows that very soon, she will not have quite as much room to move around and is taking advantage while she can.

6. Belly Buds make her go crazy. As soon as I put the tiny speakers up to my belly, she pushes against them. Bob Marley appears to be her favorite. 

7. She is a night owl. 3am dance parties are becoming a frequent occurrence.

8. Her favorite sound in the world is the sound of her daddy’s voice. Especially when he reads to her right before bed.

I would agree with Penny on most of this list (except for the late night dance parties), but I would add to the list that one of the best things lately is my amazingly comfy u-shaped body pillow. It makes me feel like I am being spooned from both sides, and has quickly turned my bed into one of the best places to be. It lures me there earlier and earlier every night. As I type I am suddenly very aware of how late it is, in fact.

And so, good night and sweet dreams!