A Tour Of Lucy’s Big Girl Room

We weren’t sure how Lucy was going to react to having her very own bedroom. She went from sleeping in a rock and play beside my bed, to sharing a room with her big sister when she was 6 months old, and the girls have shared ever since (check out this post and this post to see their previous rooms). We enjoyed them sharing rooms for a while, but as Lucy started to approach 2, it was getting a little harder to get the girls to settle down and go to sleep together in the same room.

So, when we bought our 3 bedroom home this past spring, we decided the girls would have their own rooms this time around. Lucy, being the youngest, got the smaller room, but she also got the cuter room, in my opinion. She has a view of the backyard and bright pink flowering crepe myrtles right outside her window, and there is a cute little home with a farmhouse style fence in the distance. She also gets the best morning light- walking past her open doorway with the sun streaming through her windows in the am seriously makes me so happy.

Let me show you what we had to work with when we first purchased the home:

I told you it was small. Also, the wall color wasn’t great for a little girl (or maybe anyone…I swear it was even worse in person). But the floors were in good condition, the bead board ceiling was cute, and it was the only bedroom of the 3 with crown moldings (major bragging rights for a 2 year old to have, am I right?). Also, there was a tiny closet, which was a nice change from the old armoire that both girls had to share in our last closet-less apartment.

Here is the design plan I created for Lucy and showed you a couple of weeks ago (in this post):

Since she didn’t have a dresser (and I didn’t really see a need for one now that she had her own closet with plenty of storage), I thought we would use the white armoire for toy and dress up storage instead. Also, I loved that piece and couldn’t think of another place to put it, so into Lucy’s room it went! Come to think of it, Lucy’s room is basically a reusing and re-purposing of many items we already had. I think the only thing we actually bought for this space was a nightstand. Second child problems I suppose. In all honesty, though, I love that we were able to create a fresh new space out of almost all existing pieces.

Let’s take a tour now, shall we?

Isn’t that the sweetest? I’ve told you before, I love cute little spaces (remember this playroom nook I designed a couple of years ago?). This room is definitely that. We decided to have Lucy make the switch from a crib to a twin bed when we moved into the new house, and she handled the transition swimmingly. Penny’s old bed fit perfectly along that wall, and the wardrobe filled in the opposite wall nicely. I debated on the perfect rug for this room, and when I threw that little round jute one down, it just felt right. There is something about a round rug that softens all the square edges of the furniture and brings everything together.

I discarded the patterned curtain idea from my original design plan, mostly because the bed being along the window made hanging curtains sort of difficult. I really love the way the cordless bamboo shades look in here though- they are clean and simple, but add a nice bit of warmth and texture. I actually used them in all of the bedrooms because I loved them so much.

I also strayed a little from the design plan with the pillows, mostly because I ended up using the dark green pillows in the living room instead. But I love how these plaid ones match the soft minty wall color. Also, I know you’ve seen that mermaid doll about a million times now in the girls’ rooms, but it was the gift we gave to Penny when we found out she was going to have a little sister, so… sentimental value I suppose.

We saw that cute carved wood bedside table on clearance at Celadon and snatched it right up. It is the perfect playful piece for a little girls’ room- do you see the legs are carved to look like animal legs? So fun. Lucy loves having her own plant (which she helps take care of as well), and that star nightlight from Target is seriously the best- I kind of want one for myself. Also, you can see that we replaced the dark wood fan for a white one that would blend in and go unnoticed (so maybe you didn’t notice then? I suppose that would mean it served its’ purpose…)

Another example of reusing- this is the fourth bedroom of Lucy’s that she has had that paper lily chandelier hanging above her bed. At this point, she will be taking it with her to hang over her marital bed one day as well.

Here is that sweet little armoire I was telling you about- it houses her toys and dress up clothes, as well as pajamas, socks and underwear. Extra toys are stored in the basket at the foot of her bed, and stuffed animal friends go in the basket beside the armoire.

Early on, I envisioned putting a teepee in this room to create a little reading nook, but quickly came to the realization that the room was just too tiny. We used this canopy we already had instead, popped the pouf we also already had inside of it, and called it a day. It’s still a really fun corner that both girls love to spend time in, and Lucy is none the wiser that she never did get that teepee.

And that’s about all there is to see! Lucy took to this room like white on rice- she climbed right into that bed like it had been hers all along and has never looked back. She really loves having her own space, and takes very good care of it as well. She seriously can’t go to sleep if a toy is left out or the closet door is left ajar. Kevin worries a bit about her ocd-like tendencies, (and blames me for them), but I see nothing wrong with it at all. When your room looks this good, you gotta keep it looking that way (wink).

Tell me what you think! Would you call dibs on this room? Or would you hold out for the bigger purple room? A tour of Penny’s room is coming next week, I can’t wait to show you!