A Tour of Our Bedroom and Balcony

If you’ve been following along with me so far on the tour of our historic Wentworth Street home, you know that the unconventional layout of the space forced us to think a little outside the box, especially when it came to designing our master bedroom. Last time, I shared a tour of the girls’ bedroom and play area, explaining that because we literally had nowhere else to store their toys, we had to give up a little square footage in our own bedroom to make it work.

Since the girls’ room was directly off of ours (making it feel more like a closet than a separate bedroom), we decided to create some separation between the two rooms using a folding screen behind our headboard. The division lent itself to a sort of faux hallway where the girls could play as well as a path to the beckoning front balcony just beyond the french doors.

You’ll notice that against the walls on either side of the bed are armoires, the historic home dwellers’ best friend- the white one houses all of the girls’ in season clothing and the wood one stores mine and Kevin’s, as there isn’t a closet to be found in either bedroom. The dresser is used as additional clothing storage as well as a changing table for Lucy.

In front of the other window is a vintage chair and small record table. I found that chair for $20 at a Goodwill years ago, and my love for it has yet to wane. There is a small hole in the fabric, but it’s very easy to pretend it’s not there when you cover it with a cozy throw blanket and pillow!

While floating our bed in the middle of the room facing away from the entrance certainly isn’t ideal (and violates some major feng shui rules I’m sure), it did help us to feel like we had our own private space in a room that serves multiple purposes. We don’t have to look at toys when we are settling down for bed each night, and are able to wake up to a view of our alluring fireplace and front porch instead. All in all, it was a worthy sacrifice in the name of small space living. (On a side note, I’m finding it super convenient that Toby the cat goes so well with our decor. It’s like he was made for lounging on that bed!)

Matching bedside tables flank said bed, and my usual favorite accessories (plants, books, and pretty vintage objects) are scattered throughout the space.

The best thing about this bedroom is without a doubt the balcony. On nice days (which has been almost every day for the last several weeks- thank goodness for mild South Carolina winters), we fling open all of the doors and allow the fresh southern breezes to waft inside. The girls are constantly going out onto the porch, toting blocks or crayons and coloring books, and it truly feels like an additional living space for all of us. When we first realized we wouldn’t have a yard for them if we chose to live in this apartment, we were a little hesitant, but we honestly use this balcony so much more than we ever used our old backyard.

The biergarten table is a great spot for eating and crafting, and the two white chairs make a cozy spot for reading and sipping our morning coffee.

While we went into this rental knowing it wouldn’t work for us forever (space and the need for privacy likely becoming an issue as the girls get a little older), for the past several months, waking up in this bedroom and stepping out onto this porch each morning has felt like an extended vacation. We love our little retreat in the heart of the city. We love hearing the clip clop of horses pulling carriage tours past our home, the girls rushing to the balcony to catch a glimpse and give a friendly “Neigh!” to the passersby. We love watching the people, both locals and tourists alike, as they go about their days. For all of its’ challenges, this space has been one of the most unique, coolest places we have ever lived or (I’m sure) will ever live.

If you are wondering about the bathroom and kitchen (notoriously known as the renter’s worst nightmare), I will be sharing those spaces in my next post. As often is the case in apartment dwelling, they are not dream kitchen and bath material by any stretch of the imagination. However, like everything else about this space, we have managed to make them work for us, and dare I say actually like them. I’ll show you details soon, and in the meantime, if you missed the tour of our living and dining space, click here!

**Photographs by Amanda Seifert Photography