A Tour of Our Master Bedroom

I still have one last room to show you on the tour of our little house, and it’s a super important one- the master bedroom. I feel like people often neglect this room, because nobody sees it. For this reason, I sort of get why the master isn’t everyone’s priority. But that line of reasoning only makes sense if you are decorating your home for other people… which I really hope isn’t the case. Homes should be beautiful and comfortable and just enjoyable to look at and spend time in because that is what will make you happy. I know that is certainly the case for me- when I spend time in a pleasing environment, surrounded by things I love, I am a much more positive person. I’m more content, more present, more productive, and more inspired.

Now that we’re all in agreement that beautiful homes make for happier people, I think we can also agree that the room where you start and end your days should absolutely be a priority, even if you are the only one who sees it. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend a ton of money either- just put some thought into how you want your personal space to look and feel, and make it happen. (And yes, that also means picking up the dirty clothes off the floor and making the bed every morning- I promise that extra little step will make a world of difference in how you feel when you step into your room at night).

But enough ranting- let’s get on with our tour.

So, when we started, our room looked like this:

(Penny, pictured with a bucket because she thought she was going to throw up. The wall color kind of made me want to throw up too, but I feel like she’s taking it a little far…)

Sort of long and narrow, but not a bad size, and there were two closets, which was a huge bonus (considering we didn’t even have one closet for our clothes in our last place). The paint color, popcorn ceilings, and ceiling fan would have to go, and after that it was just a matter of deciding how we wanted this space to feel.

For Kevin and I, we craved a bedroom that would be calm and relaxing, with just a hint of drama. I threw together a design board so we would have a vision in mind when we started hunting for pieces and putting the room together:

We already had a similar black bamboo headboard and wood nightstands, as well as a vintage Persian rug, but I knew I wanted a new pair of modern lamps to flank the bed, as well as a chair and dresser.

And here is the after:

Ahhhh. So much better. Calm, fairly neutral, but definitely not boring.

When I started trolling Craigslist, I was thrilled to find the perfect antique dresser for $60, just outside of Savannah. Kevin wasn’t as thrilled to drive the 2 hours to pick it up, but when we got it into the space, he agreed that it was pretty awesome. This may actually be one of my favorite little moments in our entire house.

The dresser is super old, and the bottom drawer always sticks (which wasn’t a problem in the summer since that’s where I keep my sweaters, but now it’s getting a little more use). And yet, I still love her! That green detail on the drawer fronts is actually tarnished copper.

I adore the juxtaposition of the modern round mirror with the warm old wood tones in the dresser.

Opposite the dresser is a cute little Windsor style chair that I also found on Craigslist for $20.

And on the nightstands are a pair of black and gold lamps that I got on clearance for $20 each at Target.

I kept the bedding simple, white a white quilt, white sheets, and a couple of throw pillows. I love this suede tassel one (found on clearance at West Elm), because it’s simple but still manages to make a statement.

See? I told you you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a pretty bedroom.

And lastly, over by the closet is my jewelry display that Kevin helped me make out of an antique printer’s tray.

There isn’t a whole lot going on in this room, but the mix of old and new, calm with just a slight edge, makes it feel like us. And is there anything better than waking up and starting your day in a beautiful space that feels like you?

So if your poor master bedroom has been neglected, like so many are, put in the effort and spend a little time making it the retreat you deserve. Or, at the very least, take a minute to make the damn bed! (wink)

Do you love your bedroom? Do you make your bed every morning? Be honest! And as always, let me know what you think!

Photographs by Amanda Seifert Photography