Happy Campers

Hello hello! I know it’s been a while. My lack of sharing has not been due to lack of projects, I promise, but rather an influx of projects, both for ourselves and our clients, that have kept us pretty busy as of late. Certainly not the worst problem to have, as neither of us do well when we don’t have a home project in the works!

Business has been picking up for me lately, and Kevin has become my weekend handyman and contractor. We have had some amazing clients that have been allowing us to live out our Chip and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper fantasies, and I can’t wait until some of those projects are wrapped up and photographed so I can share them with you!

We have also been plotting some fun renovations for our own house (some larger than others), and I am excited to share plans for those with you as well. There are minor changes that we want to make in our kitchen (adding more open pantry shelving and recessing the fridge). We also need to completely gut and renovate our half and full baths. And there is the matter of doing DIY custom shelving in each of our bedroom closets. We plan on tackling all of these things in the not so distant future (although we did just replace our ancient beast of an hvac system this week, so definitely don’t hold your breath! Yay for the necessary evils of caring for old houses).

Then there are the more down the road projects that will hopefully happen within the next 5 or so years but I am still fantasizing about on the daily- turning our carport into a cozy sun room/sitting room with a floor to ceiling stone fireplace, building a screened in porch along the back of our house (with another outdoor fireplace because why not), adding the southern front porch of my dreams to the front of our house… and there is the small matter of replacing the vinyl siding with hardi board and replacing all of the windows. No big deal 🙂

I told you this house would be keeping us busy for a while! But before all of that happens, there is another little surprise we have up our sleeves. So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Kiernicki household…

The ’83 Shasta Friendship 16!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. With all of the projects we have going on, why on God’s green Earth would we decide to buy a 35 year old trailer?! And to that I would say…

Because it will be sooooo much fun!!!

In all seriousness though, this actually seemed like a smart idea when we bought it a couple of months ago. (We’re still in the demolition stage at this point, so I’ll let you know if we still feel this way later on). While it was sort of a spur of the moment decision, we had been toying with the idea of renovating a trailer for some time now. The thought was that we could find a trailer in need of a little tlc, fix it up and make it cute, and possibly rent it out as a fun and affordable AirBnb. We live 15 minutes outside of downtown Charleston, a huge tourist destination, in a walkable neighborhood with lots of restaurants and breweries just a few blocks away. Our neighborhood already has some Airbnbs that seem to do really well, so this is actually a feasible option. And no, we will not be keeping the trailer in our driveway- there is a more private area in our side yard that we are going to move her to once the renovations are complete. But even if renting it out doesn’t work out for whatever reason, we love the idea of having our own little trailer for family use! It will be such a cheap and easy way for the 4 of us to travel around, near and far, and with the girls getting a little older I can see us using it a ton.

So enough of that- let’s get to the fun part. We found this particular trailer for sale on Craigslist a few miles away in November, and when we went to check it out we were really excited to see what good condition it was in. She was basically parked inside of a garage for the majority of her life, so most of the changes we would need to make would be cosmetic. She was also a great price, and before we knew it we were the proud owners of a 16 foot trailer that sleeps 6 (although that may be pushing it just a bit- we will test it out and report back).

So are you ready for a tour? Brace yourselves for all of the 80s goodness you are about to feast your eyes on…

The dining table lowers down to form a bed, and above the table, that slanted ceiling lowers to create another bunk bed.

The seating area pulls out to make yet another bed.

Hold onto your seats, because there’s more! Behind this door is a full bathroom.

Stylish and spacious. And a close up of the wallpaper in case you were itching for a better look:

That’s about all there is to see! As amusing as all of the orangy wood and floral wallpaper and yellowed bathroom fixtures are, we are changing it all. Well, almost all.

The cushions are in great shape and I am going to see if I can make them work. I’m hoping that if everything else is fresh and bright they will lean more rustic 70s chic? Try to have a little faith. But really, only time will tell. Besides the pumpkin colored cushions though, everything else is getting a fresh coat of paint at the very least, or being replaced altogether.

Friendship 16 is about to get a complete makeover, and I can’t wait for you to see her! I’m excited to show you design plans, progress photos, and most importantly, the final reveal (hopefully sometime in the spring, just in time for tourist season). And if you are looking for a fun and affordable little place to stay near Charleston later this year, look no further! We’ll put out the welcome mat 😉

In the meantime, we will be a couple of happy little campers, doing what we love to do- making spaces fresh and beautiful with our own two hands. I promise to keep you posted!