Letter of the Week: Z is for Zoo

We took a trip to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia a couple of weeks ago. It was such a beautiful day, the girls got to see so many cool animals (including a cuddly brown bear who was napping belly up with his feet resting on the glass of his enclosure), and it was the perfect way to kick off our second letter of the week study.


We came home from our trip ready to gush about all of the animals we had seen, and Penny couldn’t wait to get crafting. I created a Z if for Zoo board on Pinterest, where I pinned all of the crafts and activities we would be doing (head on over for full details on each of them).


I also placed some zoo themed books on hold at our local library, and got to work lesson planning. (For a detailed overview of how my plans are laid out, and to see our first week’s P is for Pond study, click here).

Screenshot 2016-05-10 15.41.33

(Click here for a printable version of our lesson plans)

Penny had a blast, as usual, and woke up each morning asking what zoo activity we would be doing that day. She is a crafty girl at heart, but she also really enjoyed pretending to be a zoo keeper and various zoo animals, and humored me with a few zoo animal yoga poses as well.


We are having so much fun doing all of these crafts and activities, and Penny is learning a little something as well! Stay tuned for B is for Beach week, coming soon.