To Lucy, Now That You’re Two

Oh Sweet Lucy, where to begin. I am very late in writing this post, as you turned 2 on March 31st and we are well on our way into May. I have no excuse for my procrastination except to say that in my mind, turning 2 means that you are officially not a baby anymore, and admitting that my baby is not really a baby is super hard to do. And Lucy, you are so clearly not a baby anymore.

Maybe it’s having an older sister that you are desperate to catch up with, or maybe it’s your driven personality (you get that from your Daddy), but it seems like you are growing up much faster than I had anticipated. No more diapers, no more crib, and you have handled and embraced these changes so smoothly it almost makes my head spin. You are talking in sentences and singing songs, and trying to do everything yourself just like your sister does it.

You still think Penny is the coolest girl around, and find Daddy pretty hilarious too, but you are definitely Mommy’s girl through and through. You went through a phase recently where whenever we spent time around anyone outside of our immediate family, you would cling to me like a second skin and refuse to even look at anyone else for at least an hour. It was slightly annoying and inconvenient at times, but now that it’s over I will admit that I didn’t exactly hate the extra snuggles.

You are not a morning person. If anyone opens your bedroom door to say good morning before you are ready to start your day, you scream and thrash around until you are finally left alone again. I just laugh and leave you to it, probably because I can kind of relate. You prance out of your room all cheery and full of smiles a couple of minutes later, and it’s as though nothing has even happened.


Your puppy is still very well loved (as people will often mention when they see you out and about with him), and it’s hard to imagine a time when you won’t require his cuddly services at bedtime. We left him in a Lowe’s parking lot a couple of weeks ago, and got all the way home before we realized it. That was a rough afternoon, but thankfully he arrived back home safely and in one piece.

You love to do anything that requires focus, like coloring or puzzles, and have only recently started to get really into books, which makes me super happy. You will basically do anything your sister wants to do though, and there really isn’t anything cuter than seeing the two of you play together.

You know the words to all of the Moana songs, and would definitely watch it every day if we let you. (For a while there, we kind of did). Your favorite character is Maui (“Wowee”), and listening to you sing “I know it’s a lot, the hair, the BOD” pretty much makes our day.

You are a painfully picky eater these days, (painful because sometimes you won’t even touch your pizza or chocolate chip pancakes, and I’m sitting there with my healthy salad or veggie omelette all jealous and fighting the urge to not force feed you), and often it seems as though you are living off of fruit and goldfish crackers. You are skinny and tall for your age (not sure where you get that from, honestly), and remind me of a tiny pixie with your soft wispy hair and cute little upturned nose. I could stare at you, running around in pig tails with that teeny squeezable butt (which has been bare the last couple of weeks due to potty training) all. day. long.

You have a wicked little laugh, more of a cackle really, and Daddy spends most of his time with you trying to make you laugh just once more so we can hear it again.

Basically, we all just adore you and don’t know what we’d do without you in our lives. Penny always tells me how you are her very best friend and practically begs me to wake you up early from your nap each afternoon because she misses you too much (don’t worry, I never do- I know better by now). Daddy will goof around with you and get you all riled up and silly at any time of day (particularly right before bed, which he knows makes Mommy mad, but does it anyway because he loves you just so darn much). And Mommy? She is fighting the urge to eat you right up practically every minute of every day, you’re just that yummy.

Thank you for so perfectly completing our family, Lucy Pearl! We love love love you.