Vintage Style Bedroom Design Plans for Penny and Lucy

We are well into September, and the hint of coolness in the air, the whisper of changes to come, is having the same effect it always has on me. What is it about the impending change of seasons that leaves me feeling inspired to update and refresh my own life as well? After a whirlwind home renovation in the spring, followed by another hot and humid Charleston summer in which we were inclined to fan ourselves and retreat to the AC more than anything else, we have finally been motivated these last couple of weeks to tackle those last little projects and make our home feel like a finished product. With final touches like trim work and paint all completed, I am gearing up to have photos taken of our spaces so that I can give you a tour later this month.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share some of the design plans that inspired and guided us in the making of our new home, starting with the girls’ rooms. Just to refresh your memory (or fill you in if you haven’t been following along in our frequent moving saga over the past couple of years), the last two homes we resided in were historic 2 bedrooms that were tall on charm but short on space, which meant the girls shared a bedroom. In this post, I shared their first bedroom, in this post I shared their second bedroom, and in this post I waxed poetic on the joys of siblings sharing rooms. I believe I actually said the words “even if we had an extra bedroom, I believe I would still have the girls share a room,” and other such nonsense. Well, now, I am about to eat my words, because the second we bought a 3 bedroom house, I got to work planning each of the girls’ very separate bedrooms.

The main reason we decided to give the girls their own rooms this time around, rather than use that third bedroom for say a guest room or an office, was due to bedtime routine difficulties. With Lucy getting older and she and Penny becoming more entertained and amused by each others’ company, it was taking longer and longer for them to fall asleep in the same room, and my frustration levels were increasing exponentially. I love my children and feel very lucky to be able to spend my days at home with them, but when that clock strikes 7 and it is time for bed, I am ready for bedtime. I do not find it amusing to spend my few precious minutes of adulting going into their room repeatedly, morphing into mean mommy a little bit more each time, until they finally fall asleep from sheer exhaustion (and thus so do I). The other reason we opted for separate bedrooms was because Penny was elated with the prospect of having her own space, and while I wasn’t sure how Lucy would feel about it, she ended up relishing in having her very own room as well. Turns out, Lucy’s kind of an introvert like her mama.

And so, while Kevin spent his free time knocking down walls and tearing out cabinets, I spent mine fantasizing about the fun part, the design of our home. While I tend toward a more neutral color palette in the main living areas, and had already decided on a creamy white (“Alabaster” by Sherwinn Williams) for all of the walls and trim, I was feeling a little daring and decided to go with different paint colors in the girls’ rooms.

Penny was pretty adamant that she wanted a pink and purple bedroom, so I ever so subtly steered her toward a soft lavender shade for her walls (“Silver Peony” by Sherwinn Williams) and since Lucy was too young to express much of an opinion one way or the other, I decided on a light minty green for her room (“Window Pane” by Sherwinn Williams). Having never designed a pink and purple room before, and knowing that it could go very wrong very quickly if not done correctly, I started pinning some images on Pinterest to help guide me.

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While all of the images that spoke to me were very childlike and whimsical, the warm muted tones and vintage style furniture made them feel more sophisticated and easy on grown up eyes like my own. Pulling ideas from these inspiring designs, I got to work creating my own.

In Penny’s room, I loved how the dusty rose color coupled with the mustard yellow brought the color palette to a whole new level (less pink and purple Disney Princess and more sweet vintage little girl’s room). The plan was to find a new vintage style white bed for her, and use our existing white dresser and wood toy shelving for storage. The mix of white and wood furniture would add more interest and warmth to the space without competing with the complex color palette. In addition to the lavender walls, the color would be brought in through pillows and other textiles.

In Lucy’s room, we knew we would be using Penny’s old Jenny Lind bed as well as our white armoire for toy storage. Her room is much tinier than Penny’s (yet still bigger than their last shared bedroom funnily enough), but I was hoping to bring in a cute bedside table and create a cozy little reading nook for her as well, inside of a teepee or canopy of some sort. I really loved the softness of the mint green walls, so instead of bringing in a contrasting color, I decided to keep it serene and simple and add in darker tones of green instead. I played with the idea of bringing in some vintage style patterned curtains as well, since I loved the look of patterned wallpaper in the inspiration photos, but did not love the cost.

While the last two rooms I had designed for the girls had a very neutral backdrop of white walls and white curtains, with color being brought in through textiles and accessories, these designs were definitely a departure from my comfort zone, and I was excited to get started.

I plan on sharing a tour of each of the girls’ rooms soon. The design boards really helped me to plan out and implement the designs, but like always things evolved and strayed a little from the original plan once we got into the space. I really love how both rooms turned out, and more importantly, so do Penny and Lucy, but I will tell you that I do kind of have a favorite. I’m excited to show you the finished products!

Which design board is your favorite? Do you prefer white walls or color? Would you ever let your 4 year old pick the color for her bedroom walls? Tell me your thoughts!